What is the working principle of a car air compressor

Jan 06,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Introduction to the working principle of automobile air compressor
Suction process: The screw-type suction port on the intake side must be designed so that the compression chamber can fully inhale, while the screw compressor does not have an intake and exhaust valve group, and the intake only depends on the opening of a regulating valve. Close adjustment. When the rotor rotates, the tooth groove space of the main and auxiliary rotors is turned to the opening of the inlet end wall, and the space is large. At this time, the tooth groove space of the rotor is connected with the free air of the inlet, because it is in the exhaust The air in the tooth groove is completely exhausted. When the exhaust is completed, the tooth groove is in a vacuum state.
When it turns to the air inlet, the outside air is sucked in and flows into the tooth grooves of the main and auxiliary rotors along the axial direction. When the air fills the entire tooth groove, the air inlet side end surface of the rotor turns away from the air inlet of the casing, and the air between the tooth grooves is closed. Sealing and conveying process: When the main and auxiliary rotors are sucked in, the peaks of the main and auxiliary rotors are sealed with the casing. At this time, the air is closed in the grooves and no longer flows out, that is, the sealing process. The two rotors continue to rotate, and the tooth peaks and grooves coincide at the suction end, and the anastomotic surface gradually moves to the exhaust end, which is the conveying process.
Its advantages are 1. Connect low-pressure compressed air to directly increase the pressure; no longer consume energy after reaching the final pressure; suitable for working environments that need to increase the pressure of the original air pressure system, and can increase the pressure increase of the automobile air supply system.
In addition, in order to make the use of automobile air compressor units convenient and efficient, the following points need to be considered during installation: From a safety point of view, the air compressor should be installed as far as possible from open flames, non-explosion-proof equipment, and other equipment. For details, please consult professional installation technicians and refer to relevant national standards. From the perspective of use, air compressors should not be too far apart when they are installed near the equipment at the air end, lest the long pipelines consume compressed air and fail to achieve the intended use effect.

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