Correct use of tire inflators

Jan 24,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
If you compare tire pressure to the source of life for tires, I believe this is not an exaggeration. In recent years, more and more car owners have begun to really pay attention to the problem of tire pressure, which is inseparable from the improvement of driving safety awareness. Tire pressure is directly related to driving safety. Equipping a tire pump with the vehicle can effectively keep the tire pressure at a normal value, reduce the risk of a tire blowout, and reduce fuel consumption. Here's how to properly use a tire inflator:
1. Before operating the air pump, check and start the car engine. Then take out the power connector of the air pump and connect the car cigarette lighter. Here, pay attention to understanding the power supply pressure of the air pump in advance. If the voltage is too high, please use the battery clip.
2. Insert the valve at the top of the air supply pipe of the air pump directly into the tire valve. When you hear the tire deflation sound, continue to select the copper joint until it is locked, indicating that the air has been circulating.
3. Press the start switch on the air pump by hand to start inflation.
4. Read the correct pressure value of the pressure gauge. When the pressure exceeds the normal pressure, the general tire pressure is 1.97-2.46 kg/square centimeter. Please press the pressure release button to release the pressure. When it reaches the normal value, stop releasing the pressure. When the pressure value is lower than the normal pressure, set the air pump switch to the ON position to start inflating, and stop inflating when it reaches the normal value.
Note: Before choosing a tire pump, you must read the manual to ensure the correct use of the pump and ensure safe use.
As the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground, tires are the source of both driving force and braking force, so the role of tires is very important. In order for the tire to fully play its normal role, it is necessary to inject appropriate air, which is what we often call the tire pressure problem. For the daily use of tires, maintaining normal air pressure is the key to ensuring driving safety.
So, how to inflate the tires of your car?
1. To inflate the tires, you need an inflatable tool - a car air pump. First, turn on the car power supply, connect the air pump power supply, here is the cigarette lighter plug, insert one end of the high-pressure rubber tube into the air pump outlet port and press the door bolt tightly. Wind Rimba's car air pump LG200 is simple and convenient to inflate, with LED work light and blue light backlit pressure gauge, and can also be used for pressure relief.
2. Insert the other end into the tire valve, when you hear the tire deflation sound, press the interface door bolt tightly, turn on the power of the air pump and start the inflation.
3. Observe the indication of the air pressure gauge. When the standard tire pressure is reached, turn off the power of the air pump, loosen the valve plug of the tire valve interface, and pull out the high-pressure air pipe interface valve. After Z, remember to test the valve with water for air leakage and then screw it on. The valve cover can complete the inflation of the tire.

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