How to use the fascia gun and precautions

Dec 03,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Compared with foam rollers and massage balls, the fascia gun has become the massage tool of choice for many people because of its ease of use. But is the fascia gun really that magical? Let’s take a look at the working principle and function of the fascia gun with us today.
1. Principle of Fascia Gun
The fascia gun mainly uses high-frequency vibration to increase the blood flow of the tissues and relax the muscles.
Improve muscle soreness
Delayed muscle soreness refers to the obvious muscle soreness that begins the next day after exercise. Generally, the soreness will be relieved within 3 days, but some people can last up to a week. Delayed muscle soreness usually occurs in novices, that is, people who are not usually exercising suddenly start to exercise, or people who have exercise habits suddenly increase the amount of training or training that they have not done
Fascia gun massage can help improve delayed muscle soreness
When you have delayed muscle soreness, using a fascia gun can help you improve the pain, relax the muscles, and improve the mobility of the joints.
Usually after strenuous exercise, such as thigh muscle stiffness after squatting, using a fascia gun can help relieve muscle tightness and increase joint mobility
Can the fascia gun relieve the discomfort of the shoulder, neck and lower back?
The fascia gun is also useful for the stiff shoulders and necks that are common in sedentary people, and the upper back trapezius muscle is too tight.
Stiff muscles will cause poor blood circulation, causing local muscle hypoxia and accumulation of metabolic waste products, which will cause muscle inflammation and pain, and the vicious cycle will cause muscles to become tighter...At this time, the fascia gun has the effect of reducing pain and relaxing muscles.
However, it should be noted that this can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. The fundamental problem is poor posture, or maintaining the posture for too long, it will not be good if you do not change your bad habits.
2. How to use the fascia gun and precautions
Mainly suitable for exercise muscles, such as lower limb muscle massage after squatting, shoulder deltoid arm muscle massage after upper limb exercise
Method: Use the fascia gun on the same part for about 30-120 seconds, and the time should not be too long. The frequency can start from the lowest frequency and put it gently on the muscle without heavy pressure. Deeper and thicker muscles (such as the gluteal muscle) can increase the vibration frequency. Sore muscles are prone to soreness when using the fascia gun. The correct frequency should feel that the muscles are gradually relaxing. If increasing the frequency will make people unconsciously tighten the muscles, then the frequency should be reduced.
Do not use on joints or bone protrusions. The blood vessels and nerves passing through the joints are usually shallow. Direct use of the fascia gun here can easily cause damage to the blood vessels or nerves.