How to use car vacuum cleaner?

Mar 31,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
We drive out every day, get on and get off the car will bring dust and garbage to the car, car vacuum cleaner was born, so how to use car vacuum cleaner?
First of all, if you choose a wired car mounted portable vacuum cleaners, then you are connected to the cigarette lighter in the car. The rated voltage is 12V, which is not consistent with the voltage at home, so you can only use it in the car, and you can't clean it at home. When you use it in the car, don't exceed 20 minutes to avoid overheating.
If you choose a wireless car vacuum cleaner, it's easier. You can take it home for charging. You can also use it in a small corner of your home. The battery life is generally about 20 minutes. It's better to empty the dust cup every time you clean it.
No matter whether we buy wired or wireless, we have to compare the power used and the rated power, so as to avoid that we can't use it when we buy it. The dust cup should be cleaned frequently. After all, under the capacity, it is easy to cause the suction of the car vacuum cleaner to drop if there is too much accumulation.
The above is the car vacuum cleaner how to use the solution, hope to help every car you.