How to choose a car vacuum cleaner?

Mar 26,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. Be light in weight:
No one wants to use a bulky car vacuum cleaner for cleaning, so we all want lighter auxiliary tools. Is there a vacuum cleaner that feels better and is more convenient and flexible to use, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of cleaning as you like? The development of technology has made things lighter and lighter, but their functions have not diminished at all. Selecting good materials and perfect design makes it easy to realize the concept of lightness.
2. To be small:
The small size makes it easier to carry and store. Originally, there is not much space in the carriage. If you choose a big guy, it is not difficult to imagine that it will take up more space. What's more, you must have more than one vacuum cleaner in the compartment. In order to effectively use the compartment space, think of a small one.
3. To high power:
The greater the power, the better the dust collection effect. But although it is stated here that, like all electrical appliances, the key to the power of the vacuum cleaner is to suit your own car situation. The general power can fully meet the requirements of use at 60W. For a car vacuum cleaner to have a good vacuuming effect, there is another parameter that depends on its vacuum degree. The greater the vacuum degree, the greater the suction power.
4. To be low noise:
Fed up with the working noise of the vacuum cleaner? If you don’t want your ears to suffer, you should understand the various parameters of the machine before choosing a vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner is a noise less than 70dB.
5. To have a strong motor:
A high-quality motor can not only ensure silent operation, but also is more durable, has a longer life, and has a better dust collection effect. A good vacuum cleaner must choose a strong motor, so that it can have lasting suction, allowing you to easily solve the problem of garbage in the car, and make the environment in the car healthier.
6. Good filter material:
There are many filter materials for car vacuum cleaners, but a good filter material can effectively prevent secondary pollution, so you must understand the various materials of the machine before choosing. At present, the ideal filter material is Haipa filter. The car vacuum cleaner of Fengjinba uses Haipa filter purification technology, which has strong adsorption capacity and can filter 99% of the fine particles in the air.
7. To lengthen the wire:
The longer the power cord makes it easier to clean. Perhaps many friends have had this experience. The power cord of the vacuum cleaner that I bought is not long enough, and the pipes are not long enough. In this way, the trunk can't reach, the front of the car can't reach, and what else can we talk about easy dust removal? Therefore, the power cord should be long enough, and the dust suction nozzle should also have a certain length.
8. To configure more:
The more configurations, the more occasions it can be applied. There are so many gaps and corners in the compartment. If you want to vacuum thoroughly, you must use different air nozzles according to different positions. Only in this way can the cleaning work be done properly and effectively prevent the accumulation of dust and garbage.