What are the uses of tire inflators?

Apr 09,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The automatic inflator is a cutting-edge technology product that automatically adjusts the tire pressure through a microprocessor and a pressure sensor. It can complete the inflation/deflation/inspection of the tire at one time. It has high accuracy, fast speed, durability and simple operation, which brings better tires. protection of. It completely replaces manual barometers to eliminate errors and better protect tires.
Suitable for all kinds of vehicles, airplanes and motorcycles.

① Accurate, simple and fast
② Improve service quality
③ Improve brand image
④ Extend tire life
⑤ Reduce tire and suspension system wear
⑥ Improve car safety (correct tire pressure)
⑦ Improve driving comfort (correct tire pressure)
⑧ Reduce fuel consumption
⑨ Reduce exhaust emissions
working principle
The tire pressure is returned to the sensor to automatically calculate whether the tire needs to be inflated or deflated, open the valve, and perform work until the pressure reaches the correct tire pressure value.
Method of operation
You only need to set the required pressure and connect the tires. When the required pressure is reached, it will automatically stop and sound the prompt.