How to choose the right car vacuum cleaner

Apr 27,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Car vacuum cleaners, for car owners, make life in the car easier. There are countless car vacuum cleaners on the market, and it is dazzling. How many people know how to choose a car vacuum cleaner?
No one wants to clean with a bulky car vacuum, so we all want lighter aids. Is there a vacuum cleaner that feels better in the hand and is more convenient and flexible to use, allowing you to enjoy cleaning as you wish? The development of technology has made things lighter and lighter, but their functions have not diminished in the slightest. With good materials and perfect design, it is not difficult to realize the concept of lightness.
small volume
Small in size, it is more convenient to carry and store. Originally, there is not much space in the compartment. If you choose a big guy, it is not difficult to imagine that it will take up more space. What's more, you must have more than one vacuum cleaner in the car. For efficient use of cabin space, think small is better.
High Power
The higher the power, the better the vacuuming effect. But here is a point that, like all electrical appliances, the key to the power of the vacuum cleaner is to suit the situation of your car. General power at 60W can fully meet the requirements of use. For a car vacuum cleaner to have a good vacuuming effect, there is another parameter that depends on its vacuum degree. The greater the vacuum degree, the greater the suction power.
low noise
Fed up with the noise of your vacuum cleaner? If you don't want your ears to suffer, you should understand the various parameters of the machine before choosing a vacuum cleaner. A good vacuum cleaner has a noise lower than 70dB.

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