What are the maintenance methods of car vacuum cleaners

Apr 27,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. Before using the car vacuum cleaner for the first time, make sure that the filter or dust bag is installed correctly;
2. When using the power supply of the car vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the gentle insertion and removal to avoid damage to the cigarette lighter;
3. The wireless car vacuum cleaner does not have the problem of step 2;
4. After using the car vacuum cleaner, the power supply should be disconnected first;
5. Take out the filter or dust bag in the vacuum cleaner according to the requirements in the manual;
6. Clean up the dust and debris in the filter or dust bag;
7. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe off the dust attached to the inner wall of the vacuum cleaner;
8. Reinstall the filter or dust bag back to its original position;
9. Reassemble the car vacuum cleaner;
10. Use clean water and a soft cloth to clean the vacuum cleaner housing;
11. Pay attention to the protection of the switch and power supply when wiping the shell;
12. Check the integrity of power plugs and wires, and eliminate hidden dangers such as damage;
13. Refold the power cord to avoid dead bends when folding, so as to prevent the wires from being damaged or aging in advance;
14. Repack the processed car vacuum cleaner into the product package, and do not throw it in the car at will;
15. It is recommended that you place the car vacuum cleaner in a dry place without direct sunlight, such as at home or in the trunk of the car, so as to facilitate the next use.

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