Precautions for the use of small air compressors

Mar 19,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. The air compressor should be placed in a dry, clean and well-ventilated place.
2. The air compressor will become very hot during use and just after use. Please do not touch any exposed parts of the air compressor with your hands, except for the power switch and handle.
3. Do not use the air compressor near flames or explosive air or where aerosol products are used.
4. Do not let the air compressor run unattended. When not in use, please turn off the machine or unplug it.
5. Please operate the air compressor within the maximum rated pressure and working cycle.
6. Please replace the air filter cotton regularly. The frequency of replacement depends on the frequency of use and the link of use. In view of the frequent use in dusty environments, it is recommended to replace the air filter at least once a month. The air compressor of Fengjinba is permanently lubricated, please do not try to lubricate it.
7. Put flammable materials in a safe place, away from the air compressor.
8. According to the equipment manufacturer's recommendation, do not exceed the maximum allowable rated pressure specified in the accessories or requirements, and please be careful not to over-inflate.
9. When using an air compressor, please wear goggles with side wing protection.
10. Do not direct the compressed air to any part of the human or animal body.
11. Any repairs to the air compressor should be carried out by authorized service center personnel.
12. Do not use missing, damaged or unauthorized parts to operate the air compressor.
13. Keep children away from the air compressor at all times.
14. When tired or affected by alcohol and drugs, do not operate the air compressor, and be alert at all times.