What are the common faults of car air pumps

Nov 15,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Common faults of vehicle air pump
1. The engine cannot be started
Reason: The distributor, ignition module, spark plug, high-voltage line, etc. have been damp after the engine has been flushed; the spark plug is damaged; the battery voltage is insufficient; the inertial switch is disconnected.
2. The engine stalls when shifting gears
Cause: The idle speed is too low; the idle speed stop valve is not tightened; the gear is too high; the oil and gas separator is severely blocked.
3. The steering wheel trembles at high speed
Reason: The tire has not been tested for dynamic balance after disassembly; the balance weight on the wheel hub has fallen off; the wheel is stained with mud; the wheel hub has impacted and deformed.
Fourth, the steering is heavy
Reason: Insufficient tire pressure; insufficient power steering fluid.
Five, deviation when driving
Reasons: the left and right tire pressures are inconsistent; the front wheel positioning is inaccurate; a certain brake is locked.
The use of car air pump
1. Protect tires and ensure driving safety: The on-board air pump can also be used for daily maintenance of tires. The built-in tire pressure gauge allows you to test tire pressure anytime and anywhere to ensure that the tires are normal, which can effectively reduce tire wear and reduce Fuel consumption to ensure driving safety, tire pressure must be checked before going on a high speed or driving on a long-distance trip, so as to be foolproof and reduce the chance of tire problems.
2. Emergency treatment: It can replenish tire pressure in time anytime and anywhere to play an emergency role.
3. Home use, outdoor leisure: one machine can be used for multiple purposes, bicycle tires, various inflatable toys, air beds, etc. can all be inflated and deflated.
Is it better to have a single-cylinder or a double-cylinder?
1. From the inflation speed, the inflation speed of the double-cylinder air pump is naturally faster than that of the single-cylinder air pump.
2. In terms of price, the price of single-cylinder air pump is generally a bit more favorable than that of double-cylinder.
3. Current requirements. For some convenience, the air pump will have two ways to get electricity from the cigarette lighter and the battery. The cigarette lighter is more convenient and quick to get electricity, but the double-cylinder air pump has higher requirements for current.