Precautions for the use of car air pump

Nov 15,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Precautions for the use of car air pump
1. Every time you use the on-board air pump, you must use it after starting the vehicle. If it is turned on when starting, the battery will be fed and it will hurt the car battery.
2. The car inflator pump has relatively low power, so the inflation rate will be slower. Many car owners will use the car inflator pump for a long time. This can easily cause the pump to be damaged due to overheating. The correct way is to stop the pump after a few minutes of use to allow the pump to cool down properly. .
3. Many vehicles are equipped with tire pressure alarm systems, but there is no tire pressure value for each tire. At this time, do not use the on-board air pump blindly. You can use the air pump to measure the air pressure of each tire first, and then choose to inflate. .
4. The vehicle-mounted air pump is not suitable for inflating large off-road vehicles. The tire pressure of large-scale off-road vehicles is relatively high. It is difficult to fill the tires of off-road vehicles with the on-board air pump.
5. Many car owners use the air pump blindly. The air pump is actually only used for emergency emergency. If the tire pressure is often unstable, it must be checked in time to prevent vehicle problems.
6. The wiring of the vehicle-mounted air pump is very thin. If it is not used or stored improperly, the wiring may be broken. Therefore, the wiring must be rectified when using it and stored properly when it is used up.
Features of car air pump
1. Efficient inflating:
The speed of inflation is the primary condition for judging whether the performance of a vehicle-mounted air pump is excellent. For a completely flat tire, whether the tire pressure can be quickly hit to the normal value, the air flow rate should be at least 30L/Min. To ensure efficient inflation, in addition to high power, the quality of the motor must be ensured. Feng Jinba’s vehicle-mounted air pump T800 is equipped with lights and pressure gauges. It pumps up quickly and is convenient to carry and store. The built-in tire pressure gauge function is convenient for tire pressure testing at any time, and it can be quickly supplemented when the tire pressure is insufficient. Pressure relief function.
2. High heat dissipation:
A high-quality vehicle-mounted air pump needs to have good heat dissipation, and this performance is determined by the material selected by the machine. The heating components are made of high heat dissipation materials, which can accelerate heat dissipation and effectively protect the motor. Among the various components of the air pump, the heat dissipation material of the cylinder is particularly important. There are many types of vehicle-mounted air pumps on the market, and the choice of heat dissipation cylinder materials are also different, such as aluminum alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy die-casting, chrome plating, and anodized aluminum alloy cylinders. Depending on the material, the heat dissipation performance is also very different. At present, the ideal heat dissipation cylinder is an anode aluminum alloy cylinder. The anodized aluminum or alloy not only improves the hardness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, but also has good heat dissipation and insulation properties.
3. Safe and reliable:
After all, the vehicle-mounted air pump is a pressurized machine, so the safety and reliability of the product must be ensured. Oil-free design, maintenance-free air pump has higher safety, environmental protection, durability, and safer use. In order to use the on-board air pump to be safe, in addition to the safety of the air pump itself, the safety of using the car battery should also be considered. It is best to use online insurance for the car air pump with cigarette lighter, which can effectively protect the car's circuit system and ensure safe use; if it is equipped with a battery clip, it is more professional and safer.