How to use the fascia gun?

Feb 27,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. Move along the muscle lines
Anyone who has ever cut meat knows that muscles have lines. Just cutting the knife will make the meat unbearable. The same is true for humans. When using a fascia gun, remember to massage along the direction of the muscles. Don't press it once. On the left, hit the right at once, not only the relaxation effect will be reduced, but also the wrong place may cause damage.
2. Relax each part for 3 to 5 minutes
It is recommended to change the staying time of the Mini Portable Fascia Gun according to the gun tip. For example, the tip area of ​​the vertebral head is smaller and the strength is more concentrated, and the use time is about 3 minutes; the spherical gun tip, because of the larger area, can hit the muscles. More average, it can be extended to 5 minutes.
3. Don't have too much strength
The fascia gun uses vibration to hit the outer skin → fat → fascia, and finally reaches the muscles. Because the skin is the first to receive the force, when high shock waves and strong pressure are applied, it may cause epidermal tissue Bruises and even slight lacerations to the muscles!
It is recommended that when using the fascia gun, control the force and focus on large muscles, such as quadriceps, gluteal muscles... etc. Avoid using it on areas with thin muscle layers, such as shoulders, which can reduce bruising. , Laceration.
4. There are parts that are not suitable for use
Fascia gun is usually suitable for places with muscle tissue, and the following parts must be avoided:
There are many nerves and lymphatic tissues in the armpits. Too strong pressure can easily cause lymphatic injury and inflammation, or shock to the nerves, which may cause numbness of the hands.
Chest and abdomen
Important organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and stomach are located in the chest and abdomen. Using a high shock wave fascia gun in this area may cause shock injuries.
Carotid artery, femoral artery...and other large blood vessels may be damaged by continuous force, causing thrombus. The frightening thing is that the blood flows to the brain with the blood after the thrombus falls off, which may easily lead to ischemic stroke!
A high shock wave hits a hard joint, which is equivalent to hitting the wall with the knee, which can easily cause joint damage.

5. Not all pains after exercise can be used
The fascia gun is only suitable for muscle soreness after training. If it is for pains such as strains, sprains, cartilage inflammation, etc., don't continue to use the fascia gun on the injured area. This will make your illness more serious! The best way to solve the above sports injuries is to stretch or seek the help of a doctor.