How to use the car vacuum cleaner?

Mar 05,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The interior of a car is often small, the back seat is leather or wool, and the steering wheel of the operating lever is connected to the engine, so the interior can't be cleaned with water, only a car vacuum cleaner. However, do you really know about car vacuum cleaners? How to use the car vacuum cleaner?
1. How to use the car vacuum cleaner-operation and target
When using a vacuum cleaner, instead of slamming the nozzle against the chair, you have to blow away the dirt before you suck. The dust sticking to the car can be sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. In fact, there are very few dust, especially household vacuum cleaners and small car vacuum cleaners, whose suction power is even lower.
For those dust that cannot be sucked away with a vacuum cleaner, you can use a duster to pat it out of the car. For example, for a chair made of flannel, you can first dust out the dust from the cushion, and then use a vacuum cleaner, which is more effective. It should be noted that the force should not be too strong when dusting, otherwise the dusted object will be easily damaged. When dusting, because there is a large amount of dust flying in the car, the door must be completely open, and the air conditioner must be turned on to blow the dust out of the car.

2. How to use the car vacuum cleaner-small coup
Before using the vacuum cleaner, you can put a layer of stockings on the junction between the nozzle and the hose at the front end. This becomes a very useful filter that can improve the efficiency of dust collection. Maybe you think your seat should be very clean, but you can tell by looking at the silk stockings that there is actually a lot of cotton wadding on it.

3.the use of car vacuum cleaner-the effect of wet wipes
The benefits of simple filters made of silk stockings do not stop there. Due to the structure of the vacuum cleaner, the sucked air can be discharged from the inside. A silk stocking-type simple filter is combined with the filter of the vacuum cleaner itself to form a two-stage filter, which can prevent the vacuum cleaner from re-discharging dust into the car at the discharge port. If you still feel unsafe, you can also put a wet paper towel on the discharge port. If you do this, the filter will have a better effect and prevent the emission of odors.