What are the tips for buying a tire inflator

Oct 27,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The tips for purchasing a tire inflator are as follows:
1. Look at the power
The power of the inflator is determined according to the type of car, so when buying a tire inflator, small cars can choose low-power horizontal bars, which are cheap and energy-saving; large SUVs and other off-road vehicles, medium and large cars need parallel bars A high-power air pump is used, otherwise the inflation speed is very slow and it consumes electricity.
2. Look at the inflation speed
The inflation speed of general tire inflation pumps is different, the inflation speed of low power is slow, and the inflation speed of high power is fast. If the vehicle has large tires, it is recommended to use a high-power inflator, which can inflate faster. Generally, high-power ones above 225 are suitable for use, and the inflation speed is above 35L per minute. Pay attention to the inflation speed when purchasing.
3. Look at the functional aspect.
The function of the tire inflation pump should be more comprehensive, such as emergency LED lighting, etc., so that it is very useful when inflating at night, and it can be a good flashlight, which is multi-purpose. It can also be used as a warning light, which can flash one after another to remind vehicles behind to avoid giving way.
4. Look at the air pump connector.
The joint is the most commonly used part of the air pump, so its quality is very important. The good quality tire inflator is made of pure copper joints, which is durable, and it will be fine even if you accidentally step on it. The inferior quality is ordinary iron, which is easy to deform. , Be careful when purchasing.
Is it convenient for the air pump to take up the line?
The line of the air pump is generally relatively long, about 3 meters. If you put it away casually, it will easily lead to premature aging and damage of the line. Therefore, it is much better if the air pump has a groove for collecting the line, which can greatly extend the life of the line.
5. See if it is equipped with a tool kit.
If the tire inflator is equipped with a tool kit, it is more practical. When purchasing an inflator, try to buy a combined tool kit to make it more convenient to use. With the kit, the air pump is more convenient to carry.