Is the fascia gun worth buying?

Jul 27,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The fascia gun can be said to be one of the hottest equipment in the gym in the past two years. You can also see one or two in many ordinary-scale commercial gyms. They are used to relax after class for members who have bought private lessons. In this case, it is impossible to experience the fascia gun relaxation service without paying extra.
What is a fascia gun, whether it is worth buying, what functions it can achieve, and what are the taboos in its use, let’s talk together. This article belongs to the popularization of fascia gun. The equipment that appears is my personal use and is only for demonstration. use.
Whether it is ordinary people, fitness enthusiasts or athletes, apart from daily work and training, fatigue, soreness, numbness, pain and other discomforts due to long-term maintenance of a single body state (still or exercising) have occurred. Many people have helped their parents beat their backs. In the experience of rubbing shoulders and legs, athletes usually massage and relax with each other after training. For more advanced athletes, coaches or professional team doctors help to recover.
Lack of exercise in the human body can cause muscles to become loose and rigid. There is no contradiction between looseness and stiffness. For example, muscles in the arms, buttocks, and thighs are loose, but the muscles in the shoulders and back areas are stiff. Excessive exercise of the human body will cause muscle tension. There will be strains, old injuries will be accompanied by adhesion pain and other problems.
With the fascia gun, as long as the basic rules of use are mastered, the user can master the strength without deliberately exerting force. Under high-frequency impacts, the deep muscle tissue can be stimulated through vibrations, and all kinds of fatigue, muscle tension, and even pain can be relieved. , 15 minutes can reach or even exceed the effect of a conventional 40-minute massage. Whether it is used to relax the family or massage the members, the effect is very good. These are not achieved by human and small equipment massage.