What should you pay attention to when changing tires yourself

Mar 17,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Changing tires from winter to summer (or vice versa) is very simple. However, you should follow some rules and remember important details. as follows:
1. Stress. Information about how high it should be can be found on the side of the tire. The manufacturer lists a value that ensures a comfortable and safe ride. Not worth going over it. Otherwise, the tires may be damaged. On the other hand, too low a pressure can cause difficulties while driving. The correct pressure can be achieved with a compressor.
2. The age of the tires. Severely worn tires are not suitable for continued use. Therefore, if many seasons have passed, we should consider buying new ones. The tire's production date is displayed on the sidewall.
3. Balance. Poor balance can lead to uneven tire wear and reduce overall driving comfort (vibration of the steering wheel, body, etc.). A balancer is required for adjustment.
4. Wheel alignment. Wrongly angled wheels increase fuel consumption and accelerate tire wear. It is best to place them in parallel. Thanks to this, you get good stability and good driving dynamics. Parallel alignment is considered a compromise between operating speed and performance.
5. Tread. This is the best indicator of tire wear. If it's too small, it's best not to change the tire yourself, but to buy new tires. Experts recommend measuring tread depth regularly, even with the service of a curing press. Therefore, you can react in time to the deteriorating condition of the tire