What is the role of car heaters?

Jun 04,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS

Mini Car Heater is to use the battery and fuel tank of the car to provide instant power and a small amount of fuel, and to heat the circulating water of the engine by burning the heat generated by the gasoline to make the engine hot start and heat the cab at the same time. It can heat up the interior of the car and create a comfortable driving environment for the driver.

If you need to install it, it is recommended that you buy regular and large-brand products to ensure safe use. I have introduced you to the application of car heaters before, and I believe many people also have a relevant understanding.
The first is an environmental protection issue. When the engine is cold-started, it needs a very dense mixture, and the three-way catalytic converter also needs to be heated before it can play its role. Therefore, there will be hotter waste emissions, which often occur when the engine is started. The emission of hydrocarbons is as high as 80% within minutes, which shows that it is very polluting the air. But if the car heater is used for a period of time, the engine can reduce the emission of various gases by 67% when it is started.
The second point is that it is conducive to the maintenance of the car. After using the car heater, the engine can be warmed up, which can greatly reduce the wear and tear of the engine. Starting the car at too low temperature will cause great damage to the engine, so the most Fortunately, the preheating of the car heater can reduce wear well.
Installing a car heater on the car is very good for the maintenance of the car itself, and it can also contribute to environmental protection. In fact, there are many benefits of car heaters, not only in cold areas, or in winter.
In fact, in summer, car heaters can still play a great role. In the hot summer, car owners only need to set it on the remote control. The car heater can become a good ventilation device, allowing the car blower to remove the outside air. Input to the interior of the car, so as to maintain the ventilation in the car, so that the load of the air conditioner is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the loss of the car.
Therefore, the advantages of car heaters are obvious, but they have not received widespread attention from consumers in China. However, as people gradually understand the car and strengthen their awareness of maintenance, the advantages can be revealed.