What do car fan heaters do

Aug 29,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Car fan heaters are an easy, low-cost way to heat up small volumes of air. They work by using a 12V, 100W PTC element that quickly heats air. They are easy to direct and switch, allowing you to maximize heating capacity while maintaining the desired temperature in small volumes. They are also designed with manifolds to capture heated airflows and optimize heating/cooling rates in a multi-tube sample setup.
These heaters also come with a built-in switch and a large cooling fan. They can be installed almost anywhere on your car. You can use them to warm up the car in the winter or keep it warm in the summer. The heaters can also be used for defrosting, demisting, or icing.
There are many different types of car fan heaters available. Some models are able to heat an entire vehicle. Others have the ability to heat only certain areas of the vehicle, such as the rear seats. The majority of these models have a switch for changing between different settings, and some are more customizable. There are even versions that can fit in the backseat of your car.
The heater motor is usually located under the centre of the dash, underneath the bonnet, or under the bulkhead. If your heater isn't working, check the wiring for a blown fuse. This may be an in-line fuse connected directly to the heater motor. Replace the fuse if necessary.

HL-403 12V Mini Portable Car Heater