The importance of car vacuum cleaners in ecological environmental protection cleaning tools

Jul 14,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The importance of single-phase car vacuum cleaners in ecological environmental protection cleaning tools lies in:

In the production and processing of the food industry, residual dust and smoke are likely to cause the growth of pathogens, insects, rodents, and Aspergillus flavus, while air pollution will cause electrical safety products to be recalled, and dust and smoke will be removed in the latter half of the period. It will also take up a lot of precious time, so general removal, headspace sampler removal and mechanical equipment removal are particularly important. Pay attention to immediately clean up the geographical environment of the air pump. A portable vacuum cleaner with high-efficiency filtration and high-efficiency can clear the residual smoke and dust caused by the production equipment and production process. If a cleaning area is identified as the dominant air pollution area, vacuum cleaners must be used, and vacuum cleaners are more conducive to maintenance.

The design of the electric car vacuum cleaner is based on most of the market surveys, focusing on the production and manufacturing of vacuum cleaners in the food industry and production and processing industries to give usable current and future solutions.

Electric car vacuum cleaners have incomparable new highlights: the PDF control operation process is simple and can continuously test the high efficiency of the mechanical pump; it can manipulate the functions of a part of the options, such as fixed or liquid extraction. The PDF is a real "car dashboard", and the car vacuum cleaner further improves the high efficiency of operation.

Another feature of the AE-130 is the modularity of the vacuum cleaner, which can be retrofitted within a few minutes, for example, the collection system can be disassembled in just a few minutes.

In addition, the AE-130 also has a program design that attaches great importance to ergonomics: the new single-phase mechanical pump vehicle vacuum cleaner has a lighter net weight, is easy to use, moves labor-saving, and has high safety performance. It can be given work-proven specifications L, M and H .

Finally, it is particularly important that this type of vacuum cleaner is designed with a unique and intelligent system.