How to use tire inflator and matters needing attention

Jan 25,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
As a very important part of the car, the tire is equivalent to the "foot" or "shoe" of the car. If the tire is flat or underinflated, it is still very dangerous to drive on the road. And many private car owners don't have so much time to maintain their cars anytime and anywhere, so what should you do when you find that your tires are under pressure halfway through the drive? The tire inflator can help you a lot at this time. Mr. Wang is an obvious beneficiary. He often runs at high speed, but he often forgets to check his tire pressure because of his busy work. on the highway. He said that since he got the tire inflator, he simply put it in the trunk, which is very small, and he no longer needs to worry about the problem of insufficient tire pressure. He also feels much safer because of the tire inflator, on the highway, etc..
Do many friends want to know what are the uses of the air pump? As we all know, the air pump is also called the air pump. It works through the work of the motor and is also an inflatable thing. The working principle of the air pump: When pumping, the valve of the connector is flushed by the air pressure, and the gas enters the air cylinder. When the tire is pumped, the valve is closed by the air pressure in the air cylinder, and the gas enters the tire. No matter what the cause of the air pump, the pressure of the pressure-holding circuit decreases, and the booster pump will automatically start to make up for the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure stable. The air pump also uses the principle of atmospheric pressure to inflate. Application fields of air pump: automobiles, mopeds, bicycles, balls, rubber boats, etc.
The air pressure of the tire is very important. During high-speed driving, the appearance of a flat tire is also caused by the formation of tire pressure. Moreover, today, with the high oil price, the air pressure of the tire is very sophisticated, and the unevenness will increase the fuel consumption. Therefore, It is still important to have a portable tire inflator.
There are two ways to connect the tire air pump of the car. One is to use the car battery for direct access, which is relatively simple. The second is to use a cigarette lighter, and connect the street of the power supply to the cigarette lighter of the car so that the power supply can also be connected. As for the difference between these two methods? In fact, it cannot be said that the difference is very big. The connection method of the tire air pump is positively related to the power of the car. If it is a small displacement car, you can use a cigarette lighter, because its power is more suitable, but if it is For large vehicles, I am afraid that you need to use the battery to inflate the tire air pump. The more common tire air pumps on the market today are very convenient because they are sealed, so no special maintenance is required. It is more convenient to use and does not require extra time for special maintenance. For you who are usually busy with life and work, it may be a better choice. It is recommended to have an understanding of both methods, and choose the appropriate method according to your own situation.
In the end, how should the car air pump be used? I believe that there are still many people who do not know much about this aspect. In order to let everyone have a clear understanding of how to use the air pump for vehicles, the following will give you a detailed introduction to its use:
1. Align the air nozzle of the inflation pump with the tire valve, and tighten the air nozzle clockwise.
2. Insert the 12v cigarette lighter into the car cigarette lighter.
3. Press the product switch to the "on" position to start working. Press the switch to the "off" position when the tire pressure is reached.
4. Unscrew the air nozzle of the air pump counterclockwise, and pull out the cigarette lighter plug from the cigarette lighter.
5. Store the wires and rubber trachea.
Regarding how long to inflate is the most appropriate? In fact, generally speaking, it takes three to fifteen minutes to be the best. At this time, the normal air pressure can be reached. Please pay attention not to take too long to inflate each time, and it is best to rest after fifteen minutes.

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