How to Use a Massage Gun

Nov 29,2022 / BY DEVELOPERS
Whether you have sore muscles or just want to relax, a massage gun can provide the relief you need. Massage guns work by delivering micro-traumas to the muscles. This helps the muscles break up scar tissue and relax. They are also useful for reducing inflammation and promoting recovery.
When using a massage gun, it is important to follow a few tips. It is best to start with a low setting and then work your way up to higher speeds. It is best to work on muscles only, and not bones. This will reduce the risk of bruising.
Massage guns are designed to provide a quick and effective method to help you relieve sore muscles and improve circulation. They can be used before and after exercise to increase blood flow, which will help you recover. The guns also help break up scar tissue and fluid buildup.
You should also avoid using the massage gun on joints and bony areas. This is especially important for pregnant women. If your skin becomes red or irritated, stop using the gun immediately. You can also consult a doctor before using a massage gun. If you have an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, you should not use a massage gun on the device. It may interfere with the circuitry.

Mini Portable Fascia Gun

Product ID HL-288
Description The fascia gun transmits force and vibration to the fascia of the human body through high-frequency vibration (2000-3200 times/min), thereby increasing the blood flow of the tissues, relaxing the muscles, and can make the human tissues relative displacement through resonance It reduces tissue adhesion, restores the elasticity of muscles and fascia, relaxes the tense and stiff fascia, and relieves some discomfort symptoms of the human body.
Rated power 35W
Voltage 12V
Rotating speed 2100-3600r/min
Battery life 2000mAh
Charging time 180mins