How to inflate car tires with a car inflator?

Jun 18,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
The tire is one of the important parts of the car, and the air pressure is an important factor in determining the performance of the tire. We must always pay attention to the air pressure of the tire, so as to achieve worry-free travel, low carbon and environmental protection. The tire inflator is a must-have item in driving, let's teach you how to use the air compressor to inflate the car tires.
1. Make sure the power supply of the air pump before use. If it is too large, you need to use a battery clamp.
2. Then use a tire pressure monitor or the car's own monitoring system to measure the tire pressure and see if it needs to be inflated or deflated.
3. At this time, the preparatory work has been completed, insert the air outlet of the air pump directly into the tire valve, and lock the lock of the air pump when you hear the sound of tire leaking.
4. Finally, set the switch of the air pump to the "on" position to inflate, then if you need to deflate, just press the pressure relief button.
It should be noted that the operation can be stopped as long as the tire pressure is inflated/deflated to the specified value. Then its tire pressure value can be found in the car user manual, the inside of the fuel tank cap and the logo on the tire. In addition, when using the air pump to inflate, if it has been used for more than 5 minutes, you need to stop it and let it dissipate heat to avoid affecting its service life due to overheating of the air pump.
Warm reminder: When using, you must refer to the standard requirements of the car manufacturer or tire manufacturer, and the inflation should not exceed the standard or be overfull for safety. Different types of in-vehicle air pumps are used in different ways. Please refer to the actual air pump brand instructions.