How to use the tire inflator correctly

Oct 27,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
Correct use of tire inflator
If you compare tire pressure to the source of life for tires, I believe this is not an exaggeration. In recent years, more and more car owners have begun to really pay attention to the tire pressure problem, which is inseparable from the improvement of driving safety awareness. Tire pressure is directly related to driving safety. Equipped with a tire air pump in the car can effectively keep the tire pressure at a normal value, reduce the risk of tire bursts and reduce fuel consumption. The following teaches you how to use the tire inflator correctly:
1. Before operating the air pump, check and start the car engine. Then take out the power connector of the air pump and connect it to the car cigarette lighter. It is important to understand the power supply pressure of the air pump in advance. If the voltage is too high, please use a battery clamp.
2. Insert the top valve of the air pipe of the air pump directly into the tire valve. When you hear the tire flattening sound, continue to select the copper connector until it is locked, indicating that the air has circulated.
3. Press the start switch on the inflator pump by hand to start inflating.
4. Read the correct pressure value of the pressure gauge. When the pressure exceeds the normal pressure, the general tire pressure is 1.97-2.46 kg/cm². Please press the pressure relief button to relieve the pressure. When it reaches the normal value, stop the pressure relief. When the pressure value is lower than the normal pressure, set the pump switch to the ON position to start inflation, and when it reaches the normal value, stop the inflation.
Note: Read the manual before choosing the tire air pump to ensure the correct use of the air pump and ensure safe use.