How to household car vacuum cleaner

Aug 12,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS
1. Before applying the vacuum cleaner, check whether the fuse of the power supply can be installed with the current flow of the vacuum cleaner. (General product manuals have these indications.)
2. Turn off the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, insert the power plug into the cigarette lighter socket of the car, (first run the car, then) run the power switch of the vacuum cleaner, and gradually operate the application.
3. When the dust reaches a certain level or needs to be car vacuum cleaner cordless removed at the end of the application, lightly press the buckle on the dust cover to open the dust cover to remove the dirt.
4. It is best to wear a mask when using a vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner to remove dust. Since the application of a vehicle-mounted vacuum cleaner is very easy to cause dust to blow, it is easier for customers to suck in the floating dust. It is forbidden to put your hands or feet under the suction port during application to prevent risks.
5. In the whole process of application, pay attention to whether there is dirt blocking the straw, or abnormal noise, smoke, etc., and it should be stopped immediately when it encounters the above conditions. Apply it again after removing the dirt, otherwise it will damage the motor of the vacuum cleaner.