The difference between fascia gun and foam roller

Dec 03,2020 / BY DEVELOPERS
For fitness enthusiasts, foam rollers are the most commonly used for muscle relaxation after fitness. Massage with foam rollers is a way to relax muscles. Foam rollers can relieve exercise pain and improve physical performance.
In fact, the fascia gun and foam roller have the same effect of relaxing muscles. But the foam roller needs to take the initiative to exercise to help relax the muscles. The fascia gun is electric, which relaxes the muscles through high-frequency shock therapy. The difference between the two can be seen from the principle of action.
The foam roller makes the sliding between your muscles and myofascia so as to achieve the effect of fascia relaxation. This disguised form of stretching uses the concept of self-inhibition to improve the stretchability of soft tissues, thereby relieving muscles and allowing the activation of antagonistic muscles.
The fascia gun, through high-frequency shock therapy, can penetrate and relax the trigger point and the muscles that are too tight after high-intensity exercise. For example, the common Migou fascia gun on the market, with 3,200 vibrations per minute, relaxes the muscles more deeply and accurately, and is equipped with 4 types of massage heads that can massage different parts of the body.
In general, the foam roller combs the muscles and reduces tension through its own rolling and concentration of its own weight, and the area for a single relaxation is larger. The fascia gun is only for a certain muscle group to relax, and when changing different body parts, the massage head needs to be replaced. Compared with our daily use of foam rollers to relax, the fascia gun relaxes muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately.