A 12v air compressor is used in so many different industries

Sep 26,2021 / BY DEVELOPERS

A 12v air compressor is used in so many different industries that it is easy to see why this type of compressor is popular throughout the world. Used for everything from powering pneumatic or rubber industrial tools to powering a leaf blower, air compressors make a lot of common household tasks a lot easier to do. They are also great for jobs around the home, like painting, vacuuming, shaving, hair drying, etc. The 12v air compressor is also perfect for powering your lawnmower, garden tool, table saw, and more. If you have an air conditioning unit at home, the compressor will save you time by charging your unit during those cold winter months.

A 12v compressor works by taking a load from a larger source and compressed air is released through a pressure gauge into the cylinder. The compressed air in the cylinder expands, relieving the tremendous pressure in the tool or material being compressed. Kept in your vehicle, garage, workshop, or at your car's trunk, a 12v air compressor can be used to run pneumatic power tools, increase air suspension systems for vehicles, blow off dirty brushes, power air horns, work on tires without getting the air compressor wet, and so much more.

The great thing about an air compressor is that it doesn't just have to be for inflating tires. Some 12v compressors can even be used to inflate sports balls. You can put your sports ball in the tank of the 12v air compressor, set the level with the valve, and pump the ball full of air, then release the air pressure with the valve shut. This makes sports balls very soft, making them easier to throw and catch.

These 12v portable air compressors are easy to use. Just fill up with air and pump. No tools required! If you need to inflate a tire, just add the air in the tank, turn the valve on, and pump it up. If you need to inflate a camping bag, just add the air in the bag, and pump it up.

One of the things that make these compressors such a great buy is the fact that they don't just rely on electricity for power. The air tank in your compressor is filled by a relief valve, located by the side of the air tank. This relief valve helps prevent over-pressure by letting the compressed air out through a relief tube. So, even if the compressor is running at capacity, it will not over-fill. Also, it has a pressure switch that allows you to manually turn off the compressor's power, saving energy and money in the long run.

A 12v air compressor works best with an on-board air system. This air system is connected to an air tank, which stores compressed air inside. When the pressure switch is turned on, the compressor pumps air through the tank using the relief valve and the gas flows past a small gas valve that provides compressed air to the tank's compressor fan. This allows the compressed air in the tank to reach the needed pressure, which then forces the air out through a valve or other mechanism.