The benefits of fascia gun for women

Dec 03,2020 / BY DEVELOPERS
Fascia guns have become more and more popular among young people in recent years, especially for office workers who love fitness and sit in the office. Use its internal special high-speed motor to drive the gun head, generate high-frequency vibration, and act on the muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation. What are the benefits of the fascia gun for women?
Pocket Fascia Gun
1. Relaxation after exercise
For women who regularly exercise or exercise, it can stimulate the weakening of fascia's viscosity, so that the fascia will not tightly wrap the muscles and affect muscle activity, thereby reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, increasing blood circulation and range of motion.
2. Relax the shoulders and backs of the sedentary office
Female white-collar workers face the computer for a long time, sit still for a long time, and lack exercise for a long time. They are prone to muscle stiffness, resulting in frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, and back pain. The fascia gun can relax the muscles, eliminate tension, expand the intervertebral space, and long-term use can well prevent back pain.
3. Shaping function
Women pay attention to physical beauty, and the tension of the muscle fascia can easily cause poor posture. In this case, use a fascia gun to loosen the tension of the fascia and cooperate with reasonable rehabilitation exercises to achieve a shaping effect. Don't worry about long-term fitness becoming "King Kong Barbie". The fascia gun can quickly relax the swollen muscles and return to normal without making muscle lines more and more obvious.
4. Lightweight and compact, easy to carry
Like the Mi Dog pocket fascia gun, it has a built-in high-power brushless motor, and the power is continuous and stable. Four-speed frequency conversion adjustment scientific massage, equipped with four soft silicone massage heads, automatically adapt to the body curve for massage. Because it is small and light, it makes it easy for girls to use it without stress. The size of the mobile phone is convenient to carry, which is very suitable for women.
Mini Fascia Gun
The above is about the benefits of the fascia gun for women. When using the fascia gun, you must master the correct method. You can't hit bones and joints, and can't hit the superficial parts of nerves and blood vessels, otherwise it will easily cause damage. ; The use of fascia gun is not as long as possible, and the duration of use of each part should not exceed 3 to 5 minutes.